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Hot Rod Time (HRT) was born in 1998 by Steven Fern of Roy, Utah as a place for classic car owners and fans to share information about upcoming car shows, photos of their cars and projects. He also dreamt of a community where enthusiasts could share ideas and connect with other gear-heads no matter the type of vehicles they enjoy or where in the world they may call home. Along with being an avid hot-rodder and gear head, Steven is also a 30-year veteran of the automotive parts, racing, graphic design, advertising and IT industries.Steven and Candace Fern - About Us (HRT)

The mushy stuff

We know that classic car owners and hot rodders are some of the friendliest people on the planet. It doesn’t matter what corner of the earth you are in, or where your travels in life may take you, they are always willing to share their knowledge of their favorite car, maybe share that one tip that could help finish up a project, or share memories from times past. Spend any time at a classic car show and you'll see what we mean. Life doesn’t get any better than a life around classic cars and their owners. That’s why Steven and wife Candace created Hot Rod Time, to foster those lifelong friendships and memories. And while Hot Rod Time is ultimately a business and needs to make money, the cars, the people, and the memories will always come first.

The marketing stuff

Hot Rod Time is without a doubt the coolest, friendliest and most advanced classic car website on the planet! We have designed the site around you - the classic car fanatic, with some features that are available only on Hot Rod Time. Not only is it free to join, but you can share photos of your car with others, you can find up to date information on car shows in your area, find old gear-head friends you’ve lost touch with over the years and create new friendships with hot rodders from across the globe. Feel free to ask questions and share your ideas on your own customizable profiles. Oh and it’s also a fun, great way to waste time!

What can you find at Hot Rod Time?

Car show and event listings

•  Nationwide listings
•  List and promote your car shows for free
•  Add photos, videos, downloadable flyers & entry forms
•  Get email reminders of car shows
•  Maps and directions to events
•  Find nearby events with a single click

Free membership

•  Join other members from the US and from around the world
•  Invite your friends and contacts
•  Create groups for you and others with similar interests


•  Create groups for any regions, favorite car type, car club etc.
•  Create public, closed or invitation only groups
•  Each group can have it's own photo albums, events and more

Photo albums with drag and drop uploading

•  Upload photos of your car, projects or car shows to your own customizable photo albums
•  Tag your friends in the photos
•  Comment on your photos and those from friends
•  Download your favorite photos
•  Share your favorite photos and albums with others
•  Browse and search through approximately 80,000 user submitted photos


•  Ask those questions and answer others’ questions
•  Add photos and videos to your posts and replies
•  Subscribe to topics so you never miss a post

Video galleries

•  Share your favorite car videos from YouTube and  other sources

Car club directory

•  List your car club and attract new members
•  Car clubs can use our groups to organize your club and events

Business directory

•  Add your business to our user review-able directory and gather feedback from your customers

Industry news

•  Send us your company news, press release, car club news or other automotive news for inclusion in our news distribution

So much more...

•  Instant messaging between members
•  Privacy controls - share what you want with everyone or only those you want

Please accept my personal invitation to Join in on the fun by becoming a member.

It's fast, free, easy and only takes a minute!

 ~ Steve FernHot Rod Time logo


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